Thank you for your participation in becoming a preliminary member of Neural Organization Technique International.

There is no membership fee or requirement at this time.  We are attempting to gather information about N.O.T. practitioners, instructors and potential practitioners.   Information gathered on this page will remain confidential except as marked.  Eventually a database of worldwide practitioners will be created for both public and practitioner use.

It is our purpose to create a general membership database of licensed health care professionals whom practice N.O.T. in any form.  As outlined in our mission statement, "Our goal is to bring forth N.O.T. into the 21st century with new information, updated and simplified steps with a clearer understanding of the core principles and its application."

Application questions with a "*" is information that we intend to incorporate in a public "find a local practitioner" database.
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1 *    Full Name:
Membership Application
2*    Office address:
3*    City:
4*    State or Province and postal code:
5*    Country:
6*    Office Phone #:
7     Contact Email:  (for newsletter updates)
8*    Website & Office Email if diffrent
9    Licensure:  (DC DO Psy LAc ND)
10   Years in Professional Practice:
11   Years Practicing N.O.T.
15   Do you include N.O.T. on every client?
We would like to know a little bit about your experience and expertise level of N.O.T.
Please answer the questions below.  Many questions can be answered YES or NO.
39  When was the last N.O.T. Seminar attended and taught by whom?
42  Would you like to participate as a board member or work on committee project?  
     ... please list here and any other comments.
12   Have you ever been certified as a
       practitioner or instructor ?
13   If yes by whom and when:
14   Has Dr. Ferreri ever offered you certification? 
16   Do you evaluate  & correct centering reflexes (Cat 1->gait reflexes)?
17   Do you evaluate  & correct Cranial Injury Complex?
18   Do you evaluate  & correct Scoliosis?
19   Do you believe everybody has a Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex defecit?
20   If yes to #19, do you believe everybody has Scoliosis?
21   Do you evaluate  & correct the Defensive Jaw Protocol?
22   Do you evaluate  & correct theEndocrine System Protocol?
23   Do you evaluate  & correct the Digestive Jaw Protocol?
24   Do you evaluate  & correct the Immune System?
25   Do you evaluate for & implement the Learning Disability protocol?
26   Do you frequently work with Infants & Children?
27    Briefly describe what you believe is the Foundational Neurological Discovery/Concept that
       N.O.T. is based on other than helping the body to heal by organizing the survival systems: 
28    How do you Evaluate and Treat Emotional Factors / Overlays using N.O.T. methods:
29    Do you evaluate and treat  "In Relationship To"  factors using N.O.T. Methods?     If yes how:
We would like to know what you would like to see as membership benefits in this organization.
30   Would you like to see a certification process for Practitioners?
31   Would you like to see a certification process for Instructors?
32   Do you believe your most recent Instructor was adequately knowledgable to teach?
33   Would you like to see individual chapters /country within the parent international organization?
34   Would you like to see a standardized core teaching manual for Basic Seminars?
35   What should be the maximum number of Day(s) for a Basic Seminar?
36   What should be the maximum number of Day(s) for an Advanced Seminar?
37   What aspect of  N.O.T. would you like to see a better understanding and or explaination of ?
38   Are you interested in attending future seminars?
41  What would like to see on the website and specific membership benefits.
40   What aspect of N.O.T. would you be interested in learning more of.
Thank you for completing this application.