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Certified Practitioner
Our purpose is to provide a clinical and academic arena for investigation, substantiation and research of Neural Organization Technique  (N.O.T.)
DJA Jasperse, D.C
Nw. Vlissingseweg 149
Vlissingen 4387ac
* Sigrid Oxenvad-deVries, D.C.
(0416) 33 20 70
Margrietstraat 107
Waalwijk 5141GW
* Marion Roost, D.C.
. 077-3737743
Kloosterstraat 8 b
Steyl-Venlo 5935 CB
* Alan Jenks,DC.DIBAK
+31 174 511 600
Oranjeplein 37
Maasdijk ZH 2676XP