This month’s report covers the topic of the Superficial Immune System.  What breakdowns with the common cold.  Below is a video outline, demonstration video, and manual notes.
Please note the Immune system is complex.  The topic today references what I classify as the superficial Immune System, what is involved in the common cold.   The core Immune system which is not covered today is an advanced technique involving the specialized WBC's, immune system of the CNS, and AutoImmune components.

I very much plan on covering survey questions, however first I wanted to improve my expertise using a graphics pad to respond in more a lecture type format to answer specific questions.

Again if you have not already, please complete the brief survey questionnaire.  If you have a burning question(s), this is an opportunity to get answers without waiting for a local seminar.

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Feb/March 2017  Research Report
Neural Organization Technique
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Video Demonstration:   Superfiscial Immune Sysytem
Video Lecture Format:   Superfiscial Immune Sysytem