This month’s research report continues with the Digestive Jaw demonstration within the Superficial Immune System.   The  Digestive Jaw protocol represents the classic presentation of the new patient.  It is commonly applied following completion of the Superficial Immune System steps described in the prior report.

It is noted that is rare to have to repeat these steps once completed.

Please download a 2 page PDF file  pages 40-41.

Next month will complete our work with this patient demonstration .  We'll look at a way to optimize the  Adrenal-Thyroid -Pituitary axis,  Reproductive , and the Digestive system.   This is an advanced protocol originally covered in the April-May-June 2014 reports.   Always, if you have any questions, concerns or have documented a treatment session and would like to share, please do so.
April  2015  Research Report
Patient Treatment
~ neurological unit seven ~ Digestive Jaw
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