Our goal is to bring forth N.O.T. into the 21st century will new information, updated and simplified steps with a clearer understanding of the core principles and its application. With new electronic media at our disposal, we will be sharing this information with you on a members only page of the website with videos and downloadable information.  The first educational video planned will be a new screening protocol.

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Monthly Research Report ~ 2012- 2016 (sorted by date)
Monthly Newsletter -Research Report Archives
Discussion about a new screening methodology for the new patient
     and follow up visits.  Including a method to evaluate 5 levels of
     emotional stress.

Discussion of preliminary finding from information collected on the
     Membership Application and goals of organization.

Workbook Review:   (Neurological Unit 1)       Discussion of the
     Flight/Fight System of the physical body. How to Identify and
     Correct Category I  Discussion how to clearly observe right
     hamstring deficit/weakness in category I when other techniques fail
     to show this neurological reflex.

Workbook Review:   (Neurological Unit II)       Discussion of  Cranial
     Injury Complex (CIC).  Is the Vestibular-Ocular-Reflex deficit
     present or not?

Summary:  Review of all prior reports with discussions and
      additional explanations of Neurological Units I & II and screening.

Workbook Review:   (Neurological Unit III)        Discussion of
      Defensive Jaw Complex.

Workbook Review:   Fascial Defensive ...New Concept  (Continuation
      of neurological Unit III)
Workbook Review   Discussion of Pelvic Injury Complex (PIC).
      Beginning of Neurological Unit IV
Workbook Review:    Category II
Workbook Review:     Category III (Completed of Neurological Unit IV)
Workbook Review:     Scoliosis     (Neurological Unit V)
Workbook Review:     Cardiac Back Stress Syndrome
Workbook Review:    Endocrine System   (Neurological Unit VI)
Workbook Review:    Superficial Immune System (Neurological Unit VII)
Workbook Review:    Universal Jaw Complex  (Neurological Unit VII)
Workbook Review:    Digestive Jaw Complex  (Neurological Unit VII)
Workbook Review:    Discussion of Theory and Review of  History
Workbook Review:    Review of Emotional Screening Protocol P. 6-7 
Workbook Review:     Scoliosis Review with Patient Evaluation
Workbook Review:          Patient Treatment Review
Workbook Review:          Reproductive System Reset
Workbook Review:          Adrenal~Thyroid~Pituitary Axis
Workbook Review:          Digestive System Reset
Treatment Review:          Clinical Evaluation / Screening
Treatment Review:          Patient History/consultation (Severe MVA)
Treatment Review:          Emotional Overlays  clinical applications
Treatment Review:          Gait Reflexes  (Category I ~ Cranial Injury Complex)
Treatment Review:          Defensive Jaw and Pelvic Injury Complex
Treatment Review:        Category II
Treatment Review:         Endocrine Protocol
Treatment Review:         Scoliosis Protocol
Treatment Review:         Superfiscial Immune System part one
Treatment Review:         Digestive Jaw Superficial Immune System part two
Treatment Review:         Endocrine Subsystems (adrenal-thyroid-Pit. Axis)
Something New:            Flow Chart Review of Emotional Overaly Evaluation
Something New:           Flow Chart Review of  N.O.T. Theory & Concepts
Something New:           Flow Chart Review of  Language Processing Protocol
Treatment Review:        Language Processing a clinical review Part 1-Cranials
Treatment Review:        Language Processing  Part 2 V.O.R. System
Treatment Review:        Language Processing  Part 3 Primary & Sec. Deficits
  Q & A of the most common questions:   Unlocking Category I Fixations
Q & A of the most common questions:   Explaining N.O.T.
  Discussion of Immuno Therapy
Immuno Therapy    ~   continued discussion of theory and interpretation
  Demonstration  discussed last month  (balancing Autonomic N.S.)
Auto Immunity       ~    discussion of theory with two patient reviews
Highlights/Discussion of attendance at recent  I.C.A.K-us. annual conference
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