In this month's Research Report we are nearing the completion of  Unit 4 and the entire fight/flight survival system.   CAT II will be discussed followed by Cat III next month.

The video below offers you and opportunity to follow along and hopefully demystify this section.   When I first learned CAT II in the 1980's it took me 1 year of clicinal parctice to figure it out.  At first I though there were 12 different options and various combination of steps.  I hope this monthly report clarifies the procedure for you.

In reviewing CAT II, please note that the actual practitioner's hand positions are identical throughout all the steps in this section.  The  main difference is eyes open and closed.
In the Cranial component, one always does the correction via the left jaw. And it will always need to be done twice, eyes open and closed.   The reasoning for starting with the left jaw is the left jaw represents structural fault(s) CAT II is a structural correction.  There is no right right cranial pelvis jaw!

When addressing CAT II of the Body Pelvis, use of blocking is required and the need to identify how many lesion(s) to be corrected.
Minimally there will be one pelvic block correction eyes open on the left.   If a CAT III is suspected, your indicator will be a need to repeat the pelvic blocking procedure a second time identifying the pelvic lesion on the right with the same eye mode.

  • Please download a 2 page PDF file which is  page 21 & 22   within the instruction manual if you have not already done so.

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