Our goal is to bring forth N.O.T. into the 21st century will new information, updated and simplified steps with a clearer understanding of the core principles and its application. With new electronic media at our disposal, we will be sharing this information with you on a members only page of the website with videos and downloadable information.  The first educational video planned will be a new screening protocol.

Practitioners and prospective practitioners, please follow the link below to complete the
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November research report is a review of the Emotional Screening Protocol originally covered in May 2012.  The Video link below is  an updated discussion.

To see a video demonstration, follow this link to the May 2012 web page.

Please download a 2 page PDF file which is   page 6-7  within the workshop manual if you have not already done so.

November 2013   Research Report
Emotional Screening Protocol
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Emotional Screening Protocol Intro. 2013 from Dr. Mitchell Corwin on Vimeo.