This month's Research Report is a discussion of the Fascial Defense complex of Neurological Unit #3.  The Fascial Defensive reviewed here represents a significant update in this step.  Previously, this step involved just a simple stair-step release of the neck fascia.  New research with the release of Thomas Myers published book in 2001, "Anatomy Trains" has clearly demonstrated the true role of the fascia as it circumferences the entire torso.  Additional research by I.C.A.K. (Dr. George Goodheart research director) convince me to review the original stair-step method.
Please review the 2 page PDF File link below and the 2 videos (Video 1 narrative explanation and Video 2 treatment demonstration).

  • Please download a 2 page PDF file which is  page 18-19   within the instruction manual if you have not already done so.

November  2012   Research Report 

Fascial Defensive Complex
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