Our goal is to bring forth N.O.T. into the 21st century will new information, updated and simplified steps with a clearer understanding of the core principles and its application. With new electronic media at our disposal, we will be sharing this information with you on a members only page of the website with videos and downloadable information.  The first educational video planned will be a new screening protocol.

Practitioners and prospective practitioners, please follow the link below to complete the
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Digestive Jaw Complex  is generally addressed following the Universal Jaw which was covered last month.  The digestive jaw as its name implies directly relates to the digestive process.  It is not a cure all for GI problems but more of a beginning point.  Once completed correctly it rarely requires any follow up.

October research report will begin a discussion and review of all material covered highlighting common problems with Q & A.   If you have a special question, please email me.

Below is a short Video reviewing a generic correction with explanations.

Please download a 2-page PDF file which is   page 40-41   within the workshop manual if you have not already done so.
September 2013   Research Report     
Digestive Jaw Complex
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