Recommendation of Nutritional Support for Optimal Bone Healing In:

1.Hip and Knee Replacement
3.Any bone / joint surgery
4.Osteoporosis   (generally would include the theme of supplemental                                                        products 1-4  or  # 7 listed below)

Optimally begin nutritional program at least 10 days prior to surgery.

Check with your surgeon and although they often recommend discontinuance of all nutritional products because of blood coagulation issues, the below listed supplements do not have any negative impact on blood clotting.  If you wish to be proceed conservatively, you can discontinue the supplement program three (3) days prior to surgery and begin again post surgery as soon as you are able to.

Continue nutritional program post surgery for at least 6 weeks.

     Nutritional Product         Daily Dosage
1.Vit D310,000 units
2.Calcium     500 mg
3.Vit K  15 mg
4.Strontium Follow recommendation on product

                                                After Surgery
5.ProbioticsSurgeries always include a round of          
                                                                antibiotics thus the recommendation for a 3
                                                                week usage of probiotics

6.Vitimin   CAlways a good idea to take higher doses                                                                              during  periods of high physiological stress

7.OLALOAA great single packet powder drink that     
              1-800-800-9550                   contains all the trace minerals for optimal              bone repair and growth

8. Plus the nutritional products you normally take or have been 
          prescribed by your practitioner

Recommendation of  Nutritional Support for
Optimal Bone Healing In:
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